Delight Your Baby With These Adorable Interactive Books

Delight Your Baby With These Adorable Interactive Books

Babies and toddlers need sturdy books that have simple, clear illustrations with minimal text, and also present early learning concepts in an engaging way that invites interaction.

Keep reading to discover highly unique, carefully crafted, interactive books for babies and toddlers.

When you give these books as a baby shower or birthday gift, you’ll introduce the recipient to a whole new world of delightful books. You’ll also find charming books for your own baby or toddler, that are sure to become treasured family favorites in no time.

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First Focus Frieze Books

Does your baby resist tummy time? Then these First Focus Frieze books are for you! Each book folds out and stands up, so you can position it in front of your baby. High contrast, simple pictures capture your baby’s attention and make tummy time easy and fun.

black and white books for babies for tummy time


Little Red Penguin Books

On each page of the Little Red Penguin “lift the flap” books, this adorable little guy asks your baby or toddler a question. Then, your little one can lift the flap to reveal the answer!


Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Books

Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Books include a sensory element, with each animal having a different texture for babies to feel. With lots of colors, objects and adjectives in the simple text, these books are great for vocabulary development. High contrast illustrations make these books especially appealing to babies and toddlers. books for toddlers


Baby’s First Rolling Books

The cardboard wheels on Baby’s First Rolling Books actually roll, adding an extra element of fun to these books. Help your little one develop sequencing and memory skills in Baby’s Very First Bus Book. Each book also develops critical thinking skills with questions that involve the reader in the simple story.

books for toddlers


Baby’s Very First Slide and See Books

Baby’s Very First Slide and See books are perfect for helping older babies and toddlers develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They also teach cause and effect, as children operate the simple slide mechanism to change the picture. These books are super engaging physically, with just a little bit of text on each page.

books for toddlers


Baby’s Very First Playbook Words

Baby’s Very First Playbook Words is a series of unique books that combine fine motor activities with cheerful illustrations and vocabulary development. Each book contains grooved “fingertrails” for your baby or toddler to trace, plus plenty of holes to poke at and peek through.

books for toddlers

books for toddlers


What’s Happening?

The What’s Happening? series of books is an introduction to the “look and find” genre for older babies and toddlers. Each two page spread has questions about the illustrations. Little ones will love searching the colorful pictures and gleefully pointing to the object that answers the question. These books provide lots of opportunities for conversation and interaction with your child.

two books for babies


Very First Book of Things to Spot

The Very First Book of Things to Spot series is a set of “look and find” books for ages 18 months and up. These books provide endless hours of entertainment for toddlers. They’re perfect for teaching concepts such as shapes, sizes, colors, animals, counting and MUCH more. Children develop listening and thinking skills as they listen to your prompt and then search for that object.

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That’s Not My…Board Books

That’s Not My…Board Books are simple and delightful. Each book features repetition, different textures and clear illustrations that are similar and consistent across the whole series. Once you and your child fall in love with one of these books, you’ll want all the others that feature your family’s favorite themes. And there are a ton of themes, ranging from fairies to monsters to unicorns to trains. These are a “must-have” for any baby or toddler’s library.

books for babies

books for babies


My First Word Books

Each of these My First Word Books has over 200 words with matching pictures. They are AMAZING for helping your toddler develop vocabulary. Start off by pointing to a picture and saying its name. As time goes on, ask your little one, “Can you find the _______ ?” Finally, see if your child can touch a picture AND say the name by themselves.

books for toddlers

Are You There?

In each of Are You There? books, a different little animal is hiding. Peeking through die-cut shapes in the pages, you’ll think that you have caught a glimpse of the hiding animal. But when you turn the page, you’ll discover something entirely different. For example, an elephant’s trunk turns out to be a snake. Kids love the thrill of turning the pages and being surprised, until finally the hiding animal is revealed at the end of the book.

books for toddlers


Click through to add a few of these carefully designed, gorgeously crafted books to your family library today. Share in the comments – which ones did you choose?


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