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Have you seen this amazingly cute video of Duchess Meghan reading to Baby Archie? Not only is it adorable, it’s a great example of how to read to a baby or young toddler! Meghan and Harry picked a great board book for Archie – Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld.

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Check out how cuddly mom and baby are. You can tell that this is a special bonding time for Meghan and Archie, and that reading is an activity they enjoy together. Meghan’s tone of voice reflects relaxed pleasure – it’s clear to us (and more importantly, to Archie!) that reading is an activity that she loves and enjoys.

Meghan doesn’t just read the book to Archie, she has a conversation with him about the book. Notice how she comments on the book itself, and on the process of reading it. When Archie turns to the cover, she affirms, “yes, that’s the cover,” and gently redirects him back to the page she is reading.

When she is ready to turn the page, she invites him to do it. And it’s clear he knows exactly what she means. This is a baby who has been read to!

When Meghan reads about the duck eating a piece of bread, Archie responds by pointing a pudgy finger at the picture of the bread. Meghan seizes this opportunity to comment – “do you see the bread?” before she continues reading.

A similar exchange happens with the picture of the sun, and Meghan takes the opportunity to point out the fish. She says “Look, Arch!” and “Let’s see!” to hold his attention as she goes along. She asks, “What happens after that?” This type of conversation around the reading is as important as the reading itself, and Meghan does a great job of it.

She is a natural at using reading aloud to promote language and vocabulary development! When Archie becomes restless and grabs another book, Meghan affirms that too, patiently saying “we’ll read that book next.” She knows she’s dealing with a short attention span, and doesn’t let it faze her.

When Meghan and Archie are finished reading the book, it goes straight to Archie’s mouth, and the whole family celebrates, including Prince Harry.

To quote Prince Harry – “BRAVO!”

Meghan and Harry clearly understand the importance of reading aloud to children. They’re well on their way to creating a literacy-rich home environment and raising “A Family of Readers!”

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