A Family of Readers is thrilled to launch our free Online Game Room, with 400 online high frequency word games.

If you’re helping your child learn high frequency words, be sure to include games and play activities in your bag of tricks.

Learning through games and play is powerful because it helps kids associate learning with FUN.  Kids love to play, and they need to play! They are often delighted by the simplest of games and activities, and that excitement can send motivation through the roof.

Our Online Game Room features 400 online high frequency word games. The games are based on the Fry 1000 Instant Word List, and organized in small, manageable groups of ten.

I’ve been using them as part of distance learning during this COVID-19 school closure during the spring of 2020. Let me tell you, my students LOVE them!

Check out this video to witness that delight and excitement for yourself. This little guy and I have so much fun working together.



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