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Although the name of this blog is A Family of Readers, in today’s post I’m sidetracking a little bit into writing.

Reading and writing go hand in hand, and supporting kids’ writing will support their reading. For some kids, writing is more motivating and more fun than reading.

If kids are fired up about the reading books and writing supplies that we provide, they will be much more engaged in learning to read and write. Nothing makes me happier than giving a child a book, or a notebook, or a set of pens or pencils that I know they will love!

I’m thrilled to introduce your to our line of Draw and Write Journals for Kids on Amazon. I’ve designed them for younger children (Pre K to 2nd grade) who are ready to write on lines, but still need the support of a larger space to write in, with the dotted midline to guide them. Each page also has space for a title, and a framed space for an illustration.

Click the video below to learn about our Draw and Write Journals for Kids


These Draw and Write notebooks have been designed especially for younger children who are early writers still learning how to print their letters. Perfect for home or school. Add a few stickers and fancy pencils or pens to create a special gift for a young writer in your life! #ad #affiliateThe cover designs feature themes that are popular right now – sharks, dinosaurs, unicorns, mermaids and superheroes. I have found that kids become so excited about writing when we provide materials that match their passions.

Click through and scroll to browse the collection and choose the perfect Draw and Write Journal for your young writer.





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