I love to provide kids with “cool” writing supplies. It’s a fun, effective way to increase motivation and interest.

With this idea in mind, I designed this “make your own” or “create your own” blank comic book for kids. You’ll see that I left the front cover entirely blank. It’s a good idea to have your child design the cover on a separate piece of paper and then glue it to the front of the book. This avoids disappointment and drama if it takes a few attempts to get the artwork right. Or if you prefer, your child can use Sharpie or other permanent markers to create their design right on the cover.

The inside has blank comic book pages. This blank comic strip format is really flexible, because younger or struggling writers can tell their story mostly through illustrations with just a few sentences. Older or more confident writers can compose longer text, with fewer illustrations.

Comic strip stories can be just a few pages long, or you could use the whole book to tell one long story.

Take a closer look at our “Make Your Own Comic Book” in this video.

This blank comic book would make a great daily journal for kids. They can illustrate what happened during the day, with dialogue or captions to go along with the pictures.

Wouldn’t this make a fabulous family keepsake as a travel or vacation journal for kids? The possibilities are endless! Fire up your young writer’s motivation with this “Make Your Own Comic Book.”

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