I love activity books for kids. They are a great way to show kids that books and reading are FUN. Carefully chosen interactive activity books provide enrichment for avid readers and motivation for struggling or reluctant readers. They’re available as both fiction and non-fiction, allowing kids to be exposed to a variety of texts.

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How to Use Activity Books for Kids

When my kids were little, I used this type of book as an alternative to screen time on weekends and school breaks, and in the car. I kept a few on hand in our craft cupboard, and would stock up before school breaks or road trips.

My family lives in a hot part of the country. During the summer it’s often too hot to play outside in the middle of the day. I pulled out activity books after lunch, to use until the late afternoon hours when it was cool enough to head for the front yard or the park. Of course, activity books are great for rainy or snowy days, too.

Activity books are great for adding some structured entertainment to play dates. I loved to take a few along to family gatherings to provide a fun experience for the cousins to enjoy together.

Do you ever feel that opportunities for casual family conversation are disappearing in our fast-paced, technology-driven lives? I sure do! Pull out a few interactive activity books for your family to work on together, and listen as the bonding begins.

Activity books are welcome gifts for your children’s friends; keep a few on hand to avoid last minute trips to the store.

In this post I’ve reviewed my favorite interactive activity books by Usborne Books & More. They offer beautifully designed, brightly colored books that come with toy vehicles, jigsaw puzzles and of course, STICKERS! Usborne Books & More has gorgeously illustrated books that feature painting, drawing, coloring, and paper crafting (such as origami or making paper airplanes.) There are detailed “Search & Spot” books, and classic puzzle books with games, mazes and puzzles.

Interactive Activity books are a fantastic addition to any family’s library. Scroll to take a peek at my favorites, and choose a few to banish summer boredom at your house!


Wind-Up Books

Wind-Up books come with a little themed wind-up vehicle which zooms around a track inside the book. The pages in between the tracks have a fun and engaging story to read aloud.  Each 10″ by 12″ book has a compartment to hold its matching wind-up vehicle so it doesn’t get lost. And winding up the vehicle provides some fine motor skill practice for your little one! Ages 3+.

Usborne Books Wind Up Books


Pull-Back Busy Books

The Pull-Back Busy Books come with a little matching vehicle or insect to go along with the story. To make one of these little toys move, pull it back on its wheels and let it go! Each 9″ by 11″ book has four tracks. The illustrations are detailed but clear, with lots of little items to look for as you go along. Parents and older siblings love these books, too! Ages 3+.

learning activity books for kids


Book and Jigsaw Puzzle Sets

These matching Book and Jigsaw Puzzle Sets come in a variety of subjects to suit kids of all ages. The puzzle images are beautiful illustrations, and range from 30 to 300 pieces. Some also include a black and white version for kids to color in with their own crayons, markers or colored pencils. These make a perfect activity for a quiet afternoon at home. Ages 6+.

educational activity books for kids


First Sticker Books

There are almost twenty First Sticker books to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that will delight your child. Each 8.5″ by 11″ book features themed scenes that your child can complete with the dozens of included stickers. The stickers are a little bigger than most, so that little hands can manage them easily. Many of them are labeled, providing opportunities for building vocabulary. These stickers can be re-positioned a few times before sticking permanently. Ages 4+.


Little Stickers Books

Each 16 page Little Stickers book comes with dozens of reusable stickers for tons of fun. The themes are perfect building vocabulary and background knowledge in your child; pets, the zoo, the aquarium and the farm. Plus, there’s a unicorn Little Stickers book! Keep one of these in your purse to pull out for spontaneous on-the-go fun.  Approximately 7″ by 9,” ages 3+.

Usborne Books Little Sticker Books


Sticker Dolly Dressing

The Sticker Dolly Dressing book series features a wide variety of themes ranging from sports to pets to princesses to weddings. Each 9″ by 12″ paperback includes hundreds of stickers to dress the characters. Ages 6+.

Usborne Books Sticker Dolly Dressing


Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer

This Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer set of books is more limited with only five titles, each related to the fashion world. The text offers design suggestions for dressing the characters. 9.5″ by 12″, ages 6+.

Usborne Books Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer


Little Sticker Dolly Dressing

These little 7″ by 9″ Little Sticker Dolly Dressing books are darling. Nine themes include unicorns, mermaids and princesses. Several of the titles are available in Spanish.  Ages 4+.

Usborne Books Little Sticker Dolly Dressing


1001 Things to Spot

These 1001 Things to Spot books will keep your child happy and busy for hours. Each 9″ by 10.5″ themed book features beautifully illustrated two page spreads with hidden items to find. Improve your child’s counting and observation skills with these nifty books. Ages 3+.

Usborne Books 1001 Things to Spot


Picture Puzzle Books

These jumbo 10″ by 12″ Picture Puzzle books are also full of hidden images to find. Each super-detailed two page spread contains hints and challenges. For instance, the clue “who has a mouthful of leaves?” is on a page full of different dinosaurs. Children develop thinking skills as they look for similarities, differences and various characteristics. These sturdy books are for ages 4+.

Usborne Books Picture Puzzle Books


Crossword Puzzle Books

These conveniently sized 5″ by 8″ Crossword Puzzle books are perfect for travel. In fact, one of the themes is “Travel” and another is “Vacation!” The puzzles in each book start out easy and increase in difficulty. The questions/prompts are in a variety of formats – some offer synonyms, and others are fill-in-the-blank facts. Ages 6+.

crossword puzzle books for kids


Trivia Books

These three 5″ by 8″ Trivia books are full of fascinating facts about animals, dinosaurs, and general knowledge. Ages 6+.

trivia books for kids


Logic Games

These 5″ by 8″ Logic Games and Logic Puzzles books are full of mind-bending logic puzzles, questions and games. Answers and solutions are included. Ages 6+, but these are pretty challenging and are better for slightly older kids, perhaps 8+.

Usborne Books Logic Puzzles


Color By Number Books

This set of four Color by Number books features detailed illustrations to color by number. As the spaces are filled in with color, objects and scenes are revealed. 8.5″ by 10″, ages 6+, except for My First Color by Numbers, which is for ages 4+.

color by number books for kids


Patterns to Color Books

These 8.5″ by 10″ Patterns to Color books feature much more detailed, intricate themed patterns. Ages 6+, but in my opinion these are better for kids with well-developed coloring skills. Once completed these could be framed and displayed or given as gifts.

Usborne Books Patterns to Color


Doodling Books

This collection contains a variety of books and card sets that offer a combination of doodling, drawing and coloring. Thick pages prevent markers from bleeding through. Sizes vary, generally for ages 6+.

Usborne Books Drawing Doodling and Coloring


This list of the best interactive activity books for kids grew so big we needed to split it into two posts. Don’t miss Part 2 – it’s got tons more awesome activity books.

Check out Part 2 of “Banish Boredom With Activity Books for Kids.



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