Welcome to Part 2 of “Banish Summer Boredom with the Best Activity Books for kids. Hopefully you’ve read part 1 of this epic list of activity books for kids. If not, click over and check it out!

Interactive activity books for kids are an appealing alternative to screen time, and just what you need to keep boredom at bay on long summer days. Enjoy the list below and add a few to your family library today.

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Drawing Books

These Step-by-Step Drawing books make it easy for kids to draw people, animals, dinosaurs and more. The directions and illustrations are clear, and space is provided for practice right in the book. Use these as inspiration for sidewalk chalk art this summer! 8.5″ by 10″, ages 4+, and totally appropriate for older kids and even adults.

Usborne Books Step By Step Drawing Books


And here’s another set of clear step by step drawing books.

Usborne Books I Can Draw Books


Little Transfer Books

Each 7″ by 9″ Little Transfer Book has fun scenes to fill in with hundreds of included “transfer stickers.”  Just rub the front of the image directly onto the page and watch it transfer quickly and easily. Ages 4+.

learning activity books for kids


Rub-Down Books

The 9.5″ by 11″ Rub-Down books are a more “grown-up” version of the Little Transfer Books, with beautiful nature themes. Ages 5+.

educational activity books for kids


Rubber Stamp Activities Books

These three Rubber Stamp Activities books include clear instructions to complete fun scenes by stamping simple shapes to create animals. 10″ by 9″, ages 4+.

Discover and Follow Your Child's PassionsMake regular trips to the library and/or the bookstore so that your child can explore different types of books.


Fingerprint Activities Books

There are five books in this series of Fingerprint Activity books. They are full of colorful scenes waiting for your child to add their own “fingerprint art.” Each book includes a handy attached ink pad with seven vibrant colors. 9″ by 10,” ages 6+.

Discover and Follow Your Child's PassionsMake regular trips to the library and/or the bookstore so that your child can explore different types of books.


Fold & Fly Books

This Fold & Fly series includes books with flying dinosaurs, dragons, bugs and spaceships. And of course, plenty of planes! Tear out the page you want and follow the detailed instructions to create your Fold & Fly craft. 6″ by 9,” ages 6+.

Usborne Books Fold and Fly


Paper Doll Books

Two Paper Doll books are available. One has a cover that becomes a stand-up backdrop and the other one includes outlines of clothes to draw on and design original outfits.

Usborne Books Cut Out Paper Dolls


Activity Books with Stickers

Each of these Activity Books is chock full of activities, puzzles, pictures to color, mazes and plenty of stickers. Themes range from “Beastly Bugs” to “Dangerous Animals” and “Telling Time” to “Fractions and Decimals”

Usborne Activity Sticker Books


Mosaic Sticker Books

These unique Mosaic Sticker books allow your kids to create a range of different pictures and scenes using simple, geometrically-shaped stickers. Ages 6+.

Usborne Mosaic Sticker Books


Maze Books

These Maze Books let your child explore their way through imaginatively illustrated mazes to find lost friends, escape danger, and discover treasure. Ages 6+.

maze books for kids


Find and Color Books

Each page of these Find and Color books challenges your child to find and color specific items within the black and white illustrations. Coloring in the rest of the scene is fun, too. These books are great for improving visual discrimination and attention to detail.

spot and find and color activity books for kids


Foil Art Books

Introduce a new art form to your family with these unique Foil Art books. Each book contains ten adhesive “picture cards,” which are divided into little shapes. Peel the paper backing off one shape at a time, and then place a piece of colored foil on top, shiny side up. Rub the foil, and it transfers into that space. Once the picture has been foiled, it’s time to use it for a craft. Each book contains several pages of ideas and examples such as birthday cards, picture frames, or nameplates.

Usborne Books Foil Art


Muddle & Match Books

In these Muddle & Match books your kids can make up their own funny stories and create crazy characters as they flip through the split pages.

Usborne Books Muddle and Match Books


Color & Pop-Up Books

These Color & Pop-Up books combine two favorite kids’ activities –  coloring and pop-up books! Color each scene and then each pop-up character. Follow the directions to fold and glue each character to its own two-page spread, and you’ve made your very own pop-up book!

Usborne Books Pop-ups


Magic Painting Books

Magic Painting books are gorgeous updated versions of simple water painting books of the past. Brush water over the detailed black and white illustrations and watch the colors appear.

Usborne Books Magic Painting Books



Treat your kids to a few of these interactive activity books, and watch their imagination and creativity soar. They’re a confidence-building alternative to screen time, and provide opportunities for kids to improve attention and build concentration skills. Which ones will your kids love?

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